Leukocyte fluctuations predict recovery from SCI

Leukocyte fluctuations predict recovery from SCI

This video summarises the findings of research by A/Prof Marc Ruitenberg and his team, into leukocyte fluctuations in traumatic spinal cord injury. The published paper provides the first detailed description as to how the nature and level of a spinal cord injury impacts on the inflammatory response, and in turn, how this response affects outcomes in terms of recovery and infection. 

Why are these finding important?

Duncan Wallace, SpinalCure Executive Officer says, “Being able to predict how well a newly injured person will recover means that the effectiveness of new experimental treatments will be much clearer, and that treatment and rehabilitation programs can be tailored to the individual.”

The research was published, open access, in Clinical and Translational Medicine.

SpinalCure is proud to have helped fund this excellent research.