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Edward Cummings

I’m Ed Cummings, SpinalCure Australia Ambassador. Horseracing has been in my family for generations. For me it’s more than a profession – it’s my passion, my pride and my family’s legacy. It’s also one of Australia’s most iconic and loved sports.

Unfortunately, with the excitement and thrill of the sport also comes significant risk to the riders. Career-ending injuries are a fact of life in racing, and I wanted to find a way to give back to those injured riders and their families. This is my story…

Every day in Australia, another person suffers a spinal cord injury, 12% of these are from playing sport. That means that every 10 days, another person suffers a catastrophic injury doing something that they love.

The effects are absolutely devastating, robbing people of their independence and often shattering their careers.

When I discovered SpinalCure Australia and saw the life-changing work that they’re doing to find a cure for spinal cord injury, I felt compelled to get behind them and their mission.

Last year, SpinalCure committed over $1 million to fund some of the world’s most promising research and to help bring the best of global research here to Australia. These projects are already showing enormous potential to change lives and help Australians get back their independence.

Hope for a cure is what keeps our injured jockeys going, and the piece of mind these kinds of projects provide is really invaluable. What stands in our way however, is funding.

For that, I’m asking you to join me so that together we can make a difference. 

SpinalCure’s mission is to fund this vital research and accelerate the path to the cure. The work they’re doing is ground-breaking, but your help is needed to keep it going and to realise the dream of a true cure that gets people walking again.

If you love the sport like I do, or if you know someone affected by spinal cord injury in some way, I invite you to get involved today and support this great cause in any way that you can.

Thank you,

Ed Cummings

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