"Please donate now. Just being able to do the little things would mean so much."

Your support could help bring life-changing treatments to Australians with spinal cord injuries.

Help Jaimen and others like him do the little things that mean so much

Jaimen Hudson, pictured above (left), was on1y 17 when he was injured, and became a quadriplegic. He now considers himself lucky—he's married and has a son, with another child on the way.

But every day is a battle and Jaimen keeps fighting

He has come so far with his remarkable spirit and determination.

But if we could help Jaimen regain meaningful movement in his hands and arms so he could pick up and hug his son when he cries, imagine the difference that would make?

With our Project Spark, this could become a reality for Jaimen and the 20,000 plus Australians with spinal cord injuries.

"I'd love to be able to pick up and hug my son when he cries," says Jaimen.

Photo credits: Celebrity Cruises and Jarrad Seng

Thank you. Every dollar counts.

Thank you for your generous support and for caring about people with spinal cord injuries.

Donate via bank transfer

To donate via bank transfer please call 1800 774 625 or 02 9356 8321 for account details.

With your help the cure is within our reach.

With the right funding, in the hands of the right people, it is not a matter of if, but when.
We are committed to funding breakthrough research that will make a cure for spinal cord injury not only achievable but available right here in Australia.

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