What we do

What we do

Research identification & funding

Our Scientific Advisory Panel helps us identify research projects which will bring us closer to a cure. Focusing on outcomes for those living with SCI, we carefully channel our supporters’ donations into the most promising research available.

Right now, our major focus is to see neurostimulation research established here in Australia at Neuroscience Research Australia. To see why we are so committed to this field of research, be inspired by Dr Claudia Angeli’s Ted Talk:

Influencing policy

In addition to playing a major role in obtaining $100 million in government funding for neurotrauma research across three states, we have acted as an advisor to the Federal and NSW State governments. During the stem cell ethical debates, which so very nearly saw this area of research banned in Australia, our Chair and Directors led the campaign that ensured this vital resource was not lost.

Most recently we succeeded in securing $15 million for research in the 2019 NSW Budget.

Find out more about how these funds are being used.

Fostering collaboration between researchers

At SpinalCure we believe that research will progress much faster with greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between scientists. We are proud to sponsor conferences like the SpinalCure Frontiers in SCI Research Symposia,  in the hope that presenters will strengthen existing ties, forge new ones and inspire the next generation of researchers.

In February 2021 we are supporting the presentation by Dr Claudia Angeli at INTS 2020 who is the lead researcher behind the epidural neurostimulation experiments at Prof Susan Harkema’s Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center.

Advocacy & awareness

SpinalCure takes every opportunity to spread the word about the plight of those living with paralysis, the promise of emerging treatments and the urgent need for investment in research. SpinalCure CEO Duncan Wallace is available to present at corporate events, fundraisers, rehab units and trauma wards and anywhere with an interest in our work, get in touch to find out more.

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