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Sam Bloom

I’ve partnered with SpinalCure as an ambassador because I’m committed to a future which generates positive outcomes and hope for the millions of people like me who have suffered a spinal cord injury.

This is my story…

Every day in Australia, another person suffers a spinal cord injury.

I can tell you from personal experience, the effects are devastating, and not just for the person injured, but for their loved ones as well. After an injury, the mental and physical health challenges are completely overwhelming.

What keeps us going however, is hope for a cure. 

Thankfully, we’re now closer than ever before to reaching this.

Last year, SpinalCure committed over $1 million to fund some of the world’s most promising research and to help bring the best of global research here to Australia. These projects are already showing enormous potential to change lives and help Australians get back their independence.

As someone who lives with paralysis, I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this is. But, we have a problem.

You see, it’s not great research or brilliant minds that we are lacking, it’s actually getting the funding needed to make sure the research can be developed properly and the treatments made accessible to everyone. And for that, we need your help.

You can join the quest for the cure by donating to SpinalCure today.

Donations made here go directly to the Sam Bloom for SpinalCure research fund. This fund is administered by SpinalCure but Cam and I will help select the research supported by your kind donation.

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Together, we can make the dream a reality. Every dollar donated counts.

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