In Memory of Bob Turner

In Memory of Bob Turner

BOB TURNER AM (1937-2024)

Bob TurnerIt is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Bob Turner, a dedicated advocate and fundraiser for spinal injury funds.

Bob Turner served as SCA’s (Hon) CEO and later as Chair, leaving a lasting impact on the organisation over a decade ago following a successful career that included leading the renowned Not-For-Profit (NFP), the Smith Family.

During his tenure, Bob oversaw a period of unprecedented growth and progress for SCA in the late 90s and early 2000s. His efforts led to the establishment of neurotrauma funds in three states in Australia, the memorable visit of the late Christopher Reeve to Australia, and the support of then NSW premier, the Hon. Bob Carr. Bob’s dedication also played a crucial role in securing substantial government investment in research, fostering a sense of hope for breakthroughs in finding a cure.

Bob’s personal commitment to the cause resulted in significant contributions to major research projects, including grants for Dr. David Brown and the Lisa Palmer Consortium project. Alongside his dedicated PA, Leah Mayne (now Campbell), and Chair Bill Gibson, Bob spearheaded numerous successful fundraising initiatives, forging lasting partnerships with leading organizations such as Lloyd’s Australia.

His passion for supporting SCA was deeply personal, as his son Brock’s spinal injury fueled his unwavering commitment to helping others facing similar challenges. Bob and his late wife Garda, a respected publisher, dedicated much time to offering support to families affected by spinal injuries, embodying compassion and empathy in their actions as well as fundraising.

Beyond his remarkable contributions to SCA, Bob enjoyed a fulfilling teaching career and shared enriching experiences with Garda, also a teacher, in Papua New Guinea. In his later years on the Gold Coast, Bob found joy in golf and in his special relationships with his daughter Stacey, a successful lawyer, and granddaughters, Murphy and Harriet, whom he adored.

Bob will be remembered as a kind-hearted man, a “real gentleman” with a zest for life, a great sense of humor, and an adventurous spirit. His outlook on life, often expressed as “I’m the luckiest guy alive,” serves as a testament to his gratitude and positivity.

A ‘Celebration of Life’ will be held for Bob in the Gold Coast.