Victorian Jockeys’ Association backs spinal injury research

Victorian Jockeys’ Association backs spinal injury research

The Victorian Jockeys’ Association (VJA) is backing research for a cure for spinal cord injury and have given a generous donation for the past 2 years to SpinalCure, Australia’s leading funder of cure-related research for spinal cord injury.

Matt Hyland CEO VJA

“Spinal cord injuries can happen to anyone of any age and they can be devastating both for the person injured and their families,” said Matt Hyland, CEO, VJA. “We’ve also seen spinal cord injuries within our jockey cohort, some of which have sadly been career ending. The Victorian Jockeys’ Association through our members are pleased to be able to support the important research SpinalCure Australia are undertaking, and we’re looking forward to working together to help progress towards a cure,” said Mr Hyland.

SpinalCure’s research projects include Project Spark, which aims to transform the lives of people living with spinal cord injury, with one of the world’s most promising treatments, spinal cord neurostimulation.

“Even small improvements could make a huge difference to people’s lives, and we believe this research has the most promise of achieving that in the next 5 years,” said Kathryn Borkovic, SpinalCure CEO. “In 2021, we commenced the eWALK clinical trial aiming to help paraplegics walk again. Starting this year, we will be expanding on this trial through community studies across most states of Australia, addressing a range of spinal cord injuries and bodily functions.  With the support of the VJA, our ambassador Edward Cummings and others within the racing industry, there is a real groundswell of support for this potentially life-changing research,” Ms Borkovic added.

Jamie Kah, who is currently one of the world’s top ranking female jockeys and has recently had a serious fall said, “I know I speak on behalf of all Victorian jockeys in saying I’m so pleased our Victorian Jockeys Association is committed to providing meaningful financial support to SpinalCure Australia. On behalf of the entire jockey group, I congratulate SpinalCure Australia on their amazing work and hope that one day soon, we will see a cure for spinal cord injury,” she said.

“As a current member and Director of the VJA I am pleased that we are able to make a contribution to Spinal Cure research that in turn may improve the quality of life for jockeys who have unfortunately suffered spinal injuries whilst riding,” added jockey Damien Lane.

We at SpinalCure are delighted to have the support of the VJA and proud to work in a parallel partnership with them in the future, in recognition of helping some of their injured members in the future, as well as other Australians who have sustained a serious Spinal Cord injury.