Running for those who can't

Running for those who can't

Hugh O'Brien
Hugh O’Brien after completing
42km in 3hr 51mins

The popularity of fun-runs and ocean swims around Australia has never been greater. People of all ages are signing up for these community events to get fit, have fun, raise funds and increase awareness for a charity dear to their hearts.

The Bridge to Brisbane running event this year saw two enthusiastic SpinalCure supporters pounding the pavement along with 40,000 entrants. For Catherine Masotti the inspiration came from her brother David who was injured in a motorcycle accident in 1997. A work colleague suffering a spinal cord injury prompted Candice Heiser to sign up for the run.

At the more serious end of running, Hugh O’Brien gallantly put his name down for the daunting challenge of the New York marathon. After months of training, Hugh arrived in New York for the race only to see it cancelled at the last minute due to the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. As disappointing as this was for Hugh he still raised an impressive $3800 for SpinalCure and more for CatWalk, our counterparts in New Zealand. And he and many others went ahead and ran the 42km in Central Park instead!

To help SpinalCure supporters accept sponsors for such events we have joined Everyday Hero. This website allows supporters to create their own fundraising page and accept electronic donations in support of SpinalCure. Visit the site to find an event near you, or create a page for your own fundraiser.