Edging toward a breakthrough-Insurance Adviser May 2018

Edging toward a breakthrough-Insurance Adviser May 2018

Mark Senkevics talking to the Insurance Industry about SCI research 

Between 350 and 400 new cases of spinal cord injury are recorded in Australia each year, costing the economy more than $2 billion– inclusive of ongoing care and rehabilitation. Thanks to the pioneering work of Prof Reggie Edgerton, however, those figures could decrease significantly very soon. Little wonder that the insurance sector is keeping a very close eye on progress.

Two insurance companies, Swiss Re Australia and New Zealand and Lloyd’s Australia have backed their support for Sand made a call to action to the insurance industry to rally behind and support the groundbreaking project.

Managing Director of Swiss Re Australia and New Zealand, Mark Senkevics, says would love to see as many insurance companies getting engaged as possible. We play an important role in society and mitigating risk is what we do every day. Through SpinalCure, there is enormous potential  for us to get involved through funding and raising awareness.”

Mark goes to say ” As an Australian, I am concerned about the resilience of our country; as a parent, the resilience of my family; and as an insurance professional, the resilience of our industry. Such a medical breakthrough could mean so much for governments, insurers, but most importantly, for those living with a spinal cord injury.”


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