Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wiggly Tail Pork Shop

We are very grateful to the proprietors, Kerry and Christine Buttsworth, and their customers at the Wiggly Tail Pork Shop and Butchery in Laurieton NSW, who regularly donate. To date they have raised over $5500. Visit The Wiggly Tail

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Ballyus Designs

Ballyus Designs and Ballyus Propagators

The Leggetts of South West Rocks NSW have two businesses: Ballyus Designs – beautiful individually crafted costume jewellery Ballyus Propagators – frangipanis, bauhinias, butterfly trees and poincianas. All their proceeds are donated to find a cure for the paralysis caused…

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Bone marrow holds key to stem cell breakthrough

University of Western researchers are using human bone marrow stem cells to promote an endogenous host response after spinal cord injury, by isolating stromal cells found in a patient’s own bone marrow and transplanting them back into the injury site…

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Neuronal stem cells generated directy from skin cells

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, Germany, have broken new ground by reprogramming skin cells from mice into neurons without regressing the cells through a pluripotent stage. The skin cells were reprogrammed directly into multipotent…

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