Lisa Palmer Spinal Research Consortium

Prof Andrew Boyd , Ms Sophie Tajouri and Prof Perry Bartlett
L to R: Prof Andrew Boyd, Ms Sophie
Tajouri and Prof Perry Bartlett

In 2005, thanks to a generous bequest from the late Lisa Palmer who had lived with a spinal cord injury, SpinalCure was able to fund the establishment of the Lisa Palmer Spinal Research Consortium. The consortium, headed by SpinalCure co-founder and Director, Professor Perry Bartlett, comprises scientists from the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and the University of Melbourne Centre for Neuroscience.

In a paper soon to be published in the Journal of Neurotrauma, the team shows how blocking the action of EphA4 with a ‘decoy’ protein, EphA4-Fc, significantly improves recovery of function in rats with acute spinal cord injuries.

The idea would be to use the ‘decoy’ treatment immediately after spinal cord injury to try to improve the patient’s recovery.” said Professor Boyd of QIMR. “… If you could improve function even marginally for a quadriplegic, you could make a massive difference to their life.”

The Consortium’s work over the last 8 years has enhanced the understanding of the role of the protein EphA4 in spinal cord injury to the level where clinical trials are now imminent.

In June 2013 SpinalCure advanced the final $200,000 of the original bequest to help make those trials a reality.

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