Electrical stimulation research to launch in Australia

Prof Reggie Edgerton

18 August, 2016

SpinalCure is thrilled to announce that world-renowned neuroscientist, Professor Reggie Edgerton, will be helping to establish a ground-breaking neurostimulation initiative for people with spinal cord injury, right here in Australia.

The neurostimulation project will sit within the newly formed Centre for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine, which will be headed by SpinalCure Fellow and UTS Professor of Neuroscience, Prof. Bryce Vissel. The project is expected to commence in the second half of 2018.

Neurostimulation will form the flagship research stream of a world-leading spinal cord injury recovery program within the Centre. Over coming years, the Australian team will work closely with Prof Edgerton and his colleagues at UCLA, with the aim of further developing treatments which offer life-changing levels of recovery for people with spinal cord injuries. This collaboration is anticipated to have six or more exciting, new research streams added over coming years.

We envision that fully established and funded, this will be the largest, most comprehensive effort to cure spinal cord injury in the Southern Hemisphere, leading the world to unprecedented levels of recovery for people with spinal cord injury.

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