SCI and covid-19 updates

COVID-19 and SCI

Dr Shetty Facebook live chat available for viewing

Our sincere thanks to Dr Sachin Shetty, Director of Spinal Medicine at the Prince of Wales Hospital, for presenting a Facebook Live Chat discussing concerns regarding SCI and covid-19. Dr Shetty spoke for 40 mins and answered viewers questions on health maintenance, risk minimisation, and preventative measures relevant for people with SCI.

The video and answers to questions are available here. 


As the COVID-19 outbreak grows, we are concerned by the escalation in the number of cases of the virus in Australia. This highly contagious virus affects respiratory systems and is therefore extremely concerning for people with high level spinal injuries. In addition to an inability to cough and a greatly reduced lung capacity, a spinal cord injury also has a devastating effect on a person’s immune system. Together these make the spinal cord injured one of the groups most at risk.

SpinalCure Australia will continue to work with our friends in other SCI organisations to share advice on what to do to minimise risk to our community. Meantime we encourage supporters to follow medical advice and get regular updates from:


NSW State Spinal Cord Injury Service produce a range of useful documents  to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for people with spinal cord injuries.

NSW ACI Resources for people with spinal cord injuries