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Cure related research news from around the world

Motoneuron-like cell transplantation and GDNF delivery for repair of SCI

Iranian scientists have show that  injected adipose-derived stem cells-transdifferentiated motoneurons combined with transplanted glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)-gelfoam complex holds a great promise for repair of spinal cord injury. More information: Abdanipour A, Tiraihi T, Taheri T. Intraspinal transplantation of motoneuron-like…

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Chondroitinase clinical trial for paralysed dogs

During the past decade, numerous experiments in laboratory rodents have shown the benefits of injecting chondroitinase into regions of damaged spinal cord. Iowa State University researchers are running a randomised control trial treating paralysed dogs with chondroitinase and physical therapy…

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New study taps into genetics of spinal pain

Pain researchers at the University of Adelaide have launched a new study to investigate the underlying reasons why some sufferers of spinal injury have persistent pain and others don’t. People from South Australia and New South Wales who have suffered…

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