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Recent medical advances have shown unprecedented results in returning feeling and function for people with SCI.

Across Australia and around the globe, there are dedicated teams of medical and scientific researchers working to find a cure for spinal cord injury, with increasingly exciting outcomes.

Here you will find the latest breakthroughs in SCI research with commentary on what they mean for the future of the cure.

We aim to provide you with all of the latest breaking spinal cord injury news from across Australia and around the world. Please note that the views expressed and items reported on below do not necessarily reflect the views of the organisation or staff of SpinalCure Australia.

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Climate change and spinal cord injury

An article published on the journal Nature on October 21, 2019 calls for discussions about climate change and disability to take into consideration the impact that climate change has on people with spinal cord injury. People with SCIs “remain the most vulnerable to the…

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The impact of spinal cord injury on sleep: a review

A narrative review published on the Dove Press journal “Nature and Science of Sleep” examines various sleep abnormalities and related functional and physical impairments in people living with spinal cord injury.  “Primary sleep disorders such as sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), sleep-related movement…

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