Josh Young

Josh Young

Josh was in a mountain bike accident a few years ago, which left him paralysed from the waist down. His recovery was lengthy, with several surgeries along the way. But he continues to amaze everyone around him with his positivity and “nothing can stop me” attitude.  Josh has since competed in the WheelWod games in the USA with his cross-fit gym, and moves from strength-to-strength with his physical and mental achievements.

Josh exercising

He is a hands-on-dad (wheels-on too) to three children and a wonderful husband. His extended family has even got involved in raising funds which they donated to SpinalCure Australia in support and respect for Josh and his family.

Josh decided early on to live his life with SCI in a wheelchair but works hard every day to make his life the best that it can be. He sincerely hopes that one day people who sustain an SCI don’t have to go through all of the trauma that he experienced in hospital and rehab. While he has built a good life living in a wheelchair his experiences aren’t nice to reflect on. The research that SpinalCure is helping to fund has the potential to dramatically improve Josh’s life as well as others.