Race into Spring with Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch Tickets in Support of SpinalCure Australia

Race into Spring with Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch Tickets in Support of SpinalCure Australia

Angela-Belle McSweeney, racing icon credited with establishing the iconic “NSW Fashions on the Field”, announced as SpinalCure Ambassador.

Angela-Belle McSweeney, racing icon credited with establishing the iconic “NSW Fashions on the Field”, announced as SpinalCure Ambassador.

The highly anticipated Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch, a flagship fundraising event of the Sydney Everest Carnival, is now selling tickets for an extraordinary day of style, racing, and philanthropy. The Australian Turf Club in conjunction with the ATC Foundation has partnered with SpinalCure Australia for this iconic event on 6 September at Royal Randwick Racecourse. It promises an unforgettable experience while supporting critical spinal cord injury research.

Angela-Belle McSweeney, a Board Member of the Australian Turf Club, has stepped into the role of SpinalCure Ambassador, spearheading fundraising for racing initiatives. With over two decades dedicated to racing, fashion, and charitable efforts, McSweeney’s enduring connection to horseracing, spanning three generations of her family’s involvement in both the sport and philanthropy, propels her dedication to supporting SpinalCure.

Notably, she is widely recognised in NSW for pioneering “Fashions on the Field” and representing Australia as a commentator at Royal Ascot. McSweeney, the inaugural woman to receive the prestigious “Racing Personality of the Year” award, has left an indelible mark with her substantial contributions to the racing community. In addition, she managed and part-owned over 40 thoroughbred horses and now, in partnership, is breeding Splendiferous.

McSweeney’s dedication to SpinalCure deepened after witnessing jockey Hugh Bowman’s fall during a race, underscoring the urgency of the organisation’s mission. Each year, horse racing experiences approximately 500 falls, resulting in over 200 jockeys sustaining injuries [1].

“Horse racing, recognised as one of the most dangerous sports worldwide, has shown me firsthand the importance of supporting SpinalCure. I’m honoured to unite with this remarkable organisation in our shared mission to advance treatments for spinal cord injuries. Just as racehorses pursue victory on the track, we are equally determined to achieve victory in our quest for a cure. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most,” says Angela-Belle McSweeney.

Angela-Belle’s commitment to SpinalCure was also deepened by the organisation’s link to the late Christopher Reeve, whose spinal cord injury resulted from a horse-riding accident. Reeve’s engagement with SpinalCure began in 2003 when he delivered a keynote address at one of their conferences, amplifying awareness and support for their cause. His visit also spurred advancements in SCI research in Australia, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to inspire action.

Angela-Belle McSweeney

Angela-Belle McSweeney


The Everest Long Lunch

Due to overwhelming demand, this year the Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch expands to accommodate 600 guests, offering a day of opulence at the Winx Stand, offering fantastic panoramic vistas over the picturesque Royal Randwick. Priced at $295 per person, attendees can anticipate a delicious three course lunch, vibrant Spring fashion show and live music performance, all while contributing to Project Spark, a ground-breaking initiative by SpinalCure focused on developing innovative treatments and therapies for spinal cord injuries.

Project Spark is currently exploring neurostimulation, the world’s most promising experimental therapy offering people hope of recovering feeling and functions, bladder and bowel function, cardiovascular stability, and the ability to walk, years after the injury. With over 20,000 Australians living with spinal cord injuries and a yearly cost of $3.7 billion to the Australian economy, Project Spark’s work is of critical importance.

SpinalCure’s CEO, Kathryn Borkovic, expressed gratitude for Angela-Belle’s appointment and the racing community’s support, stating, “Angela-Belle’s passion for the racing community and her understanding of the critical work we do at SpinalCure make her the perfect advocate for our cause. We are thrilled to have her on board.”

The Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch is the original vision of Angela Belle McSweeney and is a testament to the groundswell of support rising within the racing community. The event is also backed by fellow ambassador and horse trainer Ed Cummings, and the Australian Turf Club. This collective commitment underscores the racing world’s dedication to spinal cord injury research, promising potentially life-changing advancements.

[1] Victorian, NSW and Australian Jockeys Associations

Events details

What: The Sydney Everest Carnival Long Lunch
Where: The Winx Stand, Royal Randwick Racecourse: Alison Rd, Randwick
When: Friday 6 September from 12pm

Tickets available here