Our journey from unbelievable to believable

Our journey from unbelievable to believable

Read a copy of our latest impact report to find out about our progress and our ambitious plans to change lives.

Thanks to your support, SpinalCure is Australia’s most active and successful organisation in securing and distributing funds for research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury (SCI). Looking back over the 2021/22 financial year, we were able to achieve some history-making milestones including;

  • Lobbying the Federal Government resulting in the establishment of a $10m neurostimulation research fund for spinal cord injury
  • Issuing an online petition with over 30,000 signatures showing strong community support for neurostimulation and Project Spark
  • Completing our $3.6m funding commitment to the eWALK trial — Australia’s first neurostimulation trial treating paraplegics, and the world’s only rigorous, double-blinded, multi-centre clinical trial testing neurostimulation
  • Securing pledges for over 50% of our $2.45m commitment for the first of Project Spark’s community-based trials that will focus on improving or restoring arm, hand and respiratory function for people living with quadriplegia

Our progress has also been made possible due to the unwavering support of strong SCI partners including CatWalk NZ, SCIA and Forward Ability Support.

We are closer than ever to realising the full potential that science holds to cure spinal cord injury and are excited to be at a point in our journey where the unbelievable can become believable.

Download a copy of our impact report to find out more.

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