OK! Magazine – interview with SpinalCure Ambassador Sandra Sully

OK! Magazine – interview with SpinalCure Ambassador Sandra Sully

After generously supporting the 2013 Oscars Luncheon, OK Magazine have interviewed Sandra Sully about her involvement with SpinalCure and spinal cord injury. Our thanks to Ok Magazine, and to our Ambassador, Sandra, for championing our cause.

OK Magazine article

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Sandra chats to OK Magazine

How did your involvement with SpinalCure come about?

SS: ‘I’ve been with Spinal Cure for more than 10 years and personally, I’ve been affected by people with spinal cord injuries on a number of occasions. A girl I went to school with who was Olympic material, dived head first into a swimming pool and broke her neck. About ten years ago, I got involved with AFL and was contacted by an AFL player who was tackled badly and broke his back. I also had the good fortune when Christopher Reeve came out to meet him as well. He was gobsmacked by how advanced Australia is in terms of wheelchair accessibility, compared to The States! So I guess over the last decade, I’ve become acutely aware of, just how extraordinary it would be if we could fix spinal cord injury.

What impact would a cure have on society?

SS: Oh, the ramification and repercussions would be profound, in a number of areas, both professionally and personally. Research isn’t that far away and I’m really passionate about doing what I can do to raise the profile.

What do you find most shocking about spinal cord injuries?

SS: Just how completely helpless you become. You see human beings, whether you’re related to them or not, becoming completely disempowered and reliant on everyone around them for basic functions. It also impacts on not just the person who suffers the spinal cord injury but the entire family. Plus, people don’t realise that it can be accidental and a lot of it can be from road and sporting accidents.

The 2013 SpinalCure Oscars luncheon was a great fundraiser for a great cause. Was it great having so many notable people in the one room, supporting a cause so close to your heart?

SS: Absolutely. While most people were there to enjoy the Oscars, hopefully everyone came away with a better understanding of what it means to experience spinal cure injury. If there’s one thing you wish every Australian could do right now, what would it be? Please donate to spinal cord injury research. Every dollar counts. As soon as there is a breakthrough, there will be countless lives that will be made better. Also, update the dialogue and remind people about spinal cord injuries. Most people have had the good fortune and experience good health and haven’t had a brush with it just. When you first brush with spinal cord injury, you will never ever forget it.