Major support from the Neilson Foundation

Major support from the Neilson Foundation

SpinalCure is delighted to announce a major, five-year donation from the Neilson Foundation in support of spinal cord injury research. The donation will be a major boost in establishing groundbreaking neurostimulation research in Australia.

Likened to using gentle currents of electricity to ‘wake-up’ the spinal cord, neuromodulation is showing remarkable results in returning life-changing feeling and function to those with spinal cord injury – including unassisted standing, assisted walking, regaining of bladder and bowel control, improved sexual, autonomic and cardiovascular function and most recently, the return of some hand function in patients with quadriplegia.

The Neilson Foundation has generously donated $1 million, and pledged a further $2 million over four-years to SpinalCure to assist us in furthering this vital research.

The Neilson Foundation was established in 2007 by Kerr Neilson to support arts and charities that work towards improving social inclusion and cohesion. Kerr Neilson is also the Managing Director and co-founder of Platinum Asset Management, an international equity management firm based in Australia.

“The generosity and support of the Neilson Foundation takes SpinalCure’s work to a new level. Being able to bring out the exciting neuromodulation work to Australia will give opportunities for life-changing improvements to people here living with spinal injuries. This is a game changer,” SpinalCure Australia’s CEO, Mr Duncan Wallace said.

Kerr Neilson said he hoped this donation would act as a spur to others.

“We want to assist well managed organisations that do work that can meaningfully change lives. These can sometimes be less well-known organisations that are striving to achieve extraordinary things.  We also hope others will understand the significance and worth of SpinalCure Australia’s ambitions and contribute to their funding needs,” Mr Neilson said.

We are very grateful to Mr Neilson and the Neilson Foundation for recognising this important area of investment and for making this generous and impactful donation.