Link Magazine features Community Ambassador Dean Martelozzo

Link Magazine features Community Ambassador Dean Martelozzo

Thrilled to have SpinalCure community ambassador Dean Martelozzo feature as the cover story on the summer edition of Link – Australia’s premier national disability magazine.

Dean became a paraplegic in 2011 as a result of a snowboarding accident in the French Alps. Ever the eternal optimist, he went back to university, completed his MBA whilst going through rehab, joined a US financial services firm and while out with three mates hit on the idea to set up a distillery.

Headlands Distilling Company in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast was launched in 2015 with a charitable mindset, agreeing to donate 20 per cent of its profits to SpinalCure. The company has gone on to receive international awards for their uniquely Australian products, including medals at the London and San Francisco world spirits competitions. To learn about Dean, Headlands and his hopes for the future of SCI research read here.

Link Magazine is available free online here.