COVID vaccination and spinal cord injuries

COVID vaccination and spinal cord injuries

Are you concerned about having the COVID vaccine? In the below video, Dr Sachin Shetty, Director of the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital and SpinalCure Board Director talks through common concerns around COVID-19 vaccinations for people with spinal cord injuries.

Some of the key points Dr Shetty discusses are:

➡️ The COVID-19 vaccine significantly reduces the risk of any complications happening from the Coronavirus
➡️ If you are unvaccinated you are subjecting yourself to very high risk
➡️ Any risk factors or complications from the vaccination are extremely rare
➡️ If you are recovering from a spinal cord injury it is more important that you get the vaccine
➡️ Make sure not only you are vaccinated, but that the people around you are too – this offers another degree of protection.

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