Community Ambassador of the Year

Community Ambassador of the Year

The Community Ambassador of the Year competition has been developed to identify people who are actively supporting and promoting SpinalCure values, such as bringing awareness of spinal cord injury, supporting or funding cure-related research, and/or participating in activities that aim to raise funds.


Who can apply?

Any 18+ year old Australian citizen or resident who is closely aligned to the spinal cord injury community will be considered. This can be someone who has an injury, a friend or family member of someone with a spinal cord injury, a person who cares for spinal cord injured person(s), researcher, someone in medicine, or an individual who has worked towards raising funds for spinal cord research. The Ambassadorship will run from 9 September 2020 – August 2021.

Nomination process

Nominations can be self-submitted or community submitted.
All entries should include:

  • A one page letter highlighting why the person should be the Community Ambassador of the Year.
    • Please outline the nominee’s association to SCI – e.g. their injury, their work, a relative/friend with an injury, etc.
    • A brief explanation of how the nominee would excel as the Community Ambassador of the Year. This could include information about the person’s network, previous fundraising efforts, what he or she would like to achieve in the role, any research they are currently involved with, etc.
    • Anything impressive we’d love to hear about it!
  • A CV and/or LinkedIn link
  • Contact information: email and phone number.

Please send to [email protected] by Friday 21 August 2020.


A calendar of goals, opportunities and events will be discussed and agreed upon by the nominee and SpinalCure, however some of the core requirements will be:

  • Post on SpinalCure Australia’s social channels (approximately 6 times per financial year)
  • Attend 2 SpinalCure events where possible. These may be virtual events.
  • Participate in 1 fundraiser
  • Be a champion of SpinalCure by growing your network!


  • Help building YOUR profile
  • Introduction to world-renowned researchers
  • Networking events
  • Introduction to SpinalCure Ambassadors
  • The chance to be part of an exciting time in cure-related SCI research and be an active advocate in advancing a better life for people with spinal cord injury.

Selection Process

All nomination entries will be reviewed by the SpinalCure team. Finalists will be contacted for an interview via Zoom. Successful candidate(s) will be notified and announced on SpinalCure Australia’s website and social media channels the week of 7 September 2020.