5Sports has "Kicked a goal for SpinalCure"

5Sports has "Kicked a goal for SpinalCure"

5Sports kicks a goal for SpinalCure

The new 5sports complex at Caringbah has been packed with soccer players for the last four weeks. And we are very happy about it since all their court hire and competition fees for the month are being donated to SpinalCure!

We are extremely grateful to Anthony Bennett, Robyn, Brad and the 5sports team for all their efforts.

The 5sports sports complex opened 15 August. The complex includes ten 5-aside soccer and netball courts and a full size pitch all sporting the latest artificial turf. More 5sports complexes, benefitting schools and the wider community are set to open around the country in the coming years.

Pictured is our Executive Director Duncan Wallace with some of the 5sports team (in red jackets) along with teams from the Kick a goal for SpinalCure comp.