Pro-bono and In-kind

Donating products and services is an invaluable and generous way businesses can support us.

Whether it’s legal, PR, accounting or administration support, gifts-in-kind can reduce our operating costs allowing us to spend more money directly on research.

We also regularly need prizes for auction items and for support fundraising events.

Examples include:

  • Electronic and home entertainment goods such as televisions, laptops and Ipods
  • Wine, jewellery or other luxury items
  • Travel goods such as flights and accommodation
  • Shopping and service vouchers
  • Tickets to entertainment or sporting events
  • Unique sporting memorabilia
  • Venues or catering support for fundraising events
  • One-off opportunities such as lunch with your CEO.

We are also delighted to receive pro-bono services to help reduce our fundraising and marketing costs. Some examples are:

  • Printing costs
  • Graphic design
  • Office equipment
  • Advertising space and air time.

Thank you to our pro-bono partners and contributors: