David Mzee walks Wings for Life World Run

David Mzee, who has been living with a spinal cord injury for years, stunned crowds when he walked across the start line at the 2019 Wings for Life World Run on Sunday May 5 in Zug, Switzerland.

David Mzee was diagnosed with paraplegia in 2010 after making a misstep while exercising at the gym.

But after taking part in a revolutionary medical trial that combines electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and intensive robot-assisted movement training, led by Associate Professor Gregoire Courtine in Switzerland, he has been able to take steps of his own.

“It’s exciting to see that people are touched and inspired by my story, and especially in the beginning with all the people passing by and clapping, that was breathtaking,” Mzee told Wings for Life.

The World Run’s simultaneous start at 11am UTC saw people join the race all over the globe, from Australia to Colombia and South Africa to Kazakhstan.

Wings for Life says people from 186 nationalities raced away from the Catcher Car.

“It’s amazing to see people all over the world race to fundraise for spinal cord injury research,” said SpinalCure Australia CEO Duncan Wallace.

“David Mzee has shown us just how far research has come and the funds raised by everybody involved with the World Run will take us another big step closer to the cure”.

David Mzee walks Wings for Life World Run