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We're at critical point. Science has made significant breakthroughs. The only thing stopping Dean and Chloe standing is funding for more research.

You can help Chloe, Dean and over 20,000 Australians stand again.




For Chloe, Dean and over 20,000 Australians with a spinal cord injury, research is their big hope. Dean, who was injured at age 20 while snowboarding, has learned to live without the use of his legs. But he dreams of returning to his old hobbies. “I’ve come to accept the injury, but I’ll never stop dreaming of a cure,” he says. “It’s just a matter of dollars. Thankfully, amazing progress is being made right here in Australia.”



At 28, Chloe became a quadriplegic after a skiing accident while living her dream of a year abroad in Italy. Now, married with a two-year old daughter, Chloe, a molecular genetics researcher says, “It feels like a cliche, but it would be life-changing. I could be more independent. Funding for research is imperative. Nothing can go ahead without it.”



With support from people like you and government investment, we can cure or treat spinal cord injury. Dollars can help us build capacity, expand trials to help more people and exponentially increase the work and funding currently going towards research into treatments for spinal cord injury. A cure is within reach, and it’s dollars that can make that happen.

You can help. Your donation will bring us closer to a cure.


We’re funding a global trial right now for Australians with spinal cord injury that could help them walk again.

Conducted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA),  this trial aims to harness the power of neuroplasticity with ‘neurostimulation’. Neurostimulation is like a hearing aid for the spinal cord: scientists are aiming to use tailored electrical currents to amplify messages between the brain and the body using the nerves that remain.

Volunteers in research overseas have even been able to stand and walk. But our trial is imperative: as a gold standard, double-blind, randomised trial, if this successfully shows positive results, we’ll have the right level proof to get approval to take this technology out of the lab and into the community. We’re also supporting unique research, right here in Australia, trialling an anti-inflammatory drug, which will be given to participants within hours of spinal trauma in an effort to minimise tissue damage, where previously there have been no real options to deal with this.

We need to extend the neurostimulation trials to include a range of injuries, including complete spinal cord injuries, and functions that really matter to people with a spinal cord injury—like hand movement or bladder control. Every dollar brings us closer to life-changing treatments.


To continue and expand these trials, Chloe, Dean and over 20,000 other Australians who live with paralysis, need your help.

Image of spine showing nerves and where break in spinal injury occurs


could help fund a researcher working on a cure for one hour


could help one spinal injured person participate in a potentially life-changing research trial for a day


could help buy essential technology for scientific trials


could help fund a new researcher through their PhD to help grow cure-related spinal cord injury research


could help bring a life-changing treatment out of the lab into trials with people with spinal cord injury


could enable the purchase of a neurostimulator which could return function to a paralysed person

Chloe and Dean would love to be part of these trials. Right now, our trials are for one very specific type of spinal cord injury and only for walking. But there are thousands more Australians with different types of injuries who would benefit from other functions who could benefit.

You can help us.
Your gift can help bring us closer to a cure.

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