Our Patron – Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully at the 2013 SpinalCure Oscars Lunch
Sandra Sully at the 2013
SpinalCure Oscars Lunch

Sandra Sully joined Network 10 in 1991 and is commonly known for her role as the national anchor for the Ten Late News. Her versatility has the enabled her to cover numerous events including elections, the Melbourne Cup, Commonwealth and Olympic Games, as well as co-hosting Good Morning Australia.  Sandra was the first person to tell Australia about the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York, and she was on air in 1977 during the Thredbo landslide, where she delivered emotional yet professional bulletins of horrific pieces of news under difficult conditions.

Sandra’s passion for news has cemented her position as one of the finest newsreaders in the country, delivering the Ten Late News with integrity and credibility. To viewers she is an absolute delight and a journalist with the personality to really tell the story with warmth and sincerity, but the ability to be objective.

Sandra got involved with Spinal Cure Australia in 2001 after interviewing one of our ambassadors Janine Shepherd when she made her film “Never Tell Me Never”. She then became an ambassador herself and went on to host our fundraiser “Celebrity Shirts for Spinal Cord Research” held in Melbourne in 2003 which raised over $90,000 for research.  Living in Sydney, she also attends our yearly Oscars luncheon fundraiser and is always willing to help wherever she can.  Sandra’s proud personal support of Spinal Cure Australia as an ambassador is very much appreciated.