Stewart Yesner

AM BA (Hons) Law, co-Founder

Stewart Yesner, AM BA (Hons) Law, co-Founder
Stewart Yesner
AM BA (Hons) Law
  • Barrister & Solicitor
  • Honorary Director, SpinalCure Australia
  • Co-Founder 1994: SpinalCure Australia
  • Founder 1980: Spinal Research (UK)

In 1974 a young man, Stewart Yesner, broke his neck in a car accident. Like many others before him he was told that nothing could be done to treat his condition.

The consensus of medical opinion at that time was that a successful treatment for spinal cord injury paralysis was unlikely, hence research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury was almost non-existent.

Stewart decided to set up a charity with one simple aim – to raise money to fund research into ending the permanence of paralysis caused by broken necks and backs. He tracked down a small number of scientists around the world who were working with the central nervous system and started raising money to fund research.

In 1980 this young visionary founded the International Spinal Research Trust (Spinal Research UK) — the UK’s premier spinal research charity. Later, after moving to Australia, he co-founded the Australasian Spinal Research Trust which is now SpinalCure Australia.