SpinalCure Australia was founded in 1994 with the sole aim of finding a cure for spinal cord injury through the promotion and funding of medical research.

Twenty years ago many still believed that cure to be an impossible dream. However, advances resulting from two decades of research have brought us to a time when a solution to this devastating condition is accepted as inevitable. 

Since the beginning SpinalCure has achieved the following:

  • Directly raised $5m for Australian researchers at institutes and universities nationally
  • Indirectly raised $80m through the establishment of government neurotrauma road safety funds
  • Organised Australian conferences on SCI research
  • Raised the profile of SCI research and other neurological conditions
  • Made representation at Federal Government enquiries on stem cell research
  • Acted as advisor to NSW Government on ‘Making Connections’ forum and the late Christopher Reeve’s visit to Australia
  • Established SpinalCure Fellowships in spinal cord research.

SpinalCure is developing associations internationally with other organisations with aligned goals and works closely with other SCI organisations in Australia such as SCIA and SCIN.

In this way SpinalCure proudly joins the global effort to find a cure for paralysis caused by SCI. We take great encouragement from the knowledge that so many leading scientists both here in Australia and around the world are now working for a cure for SCI.

Formerly known as Australasian Spinal Research Trust. Incorporating The Spinal Research Foundation in 2004 (ABN: 17 001 440 740)