Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mrs Vera Walters – profile

Vera Walters is a spritely 95 year old living in the Sydney suburb of Belfield. She is also a proud and regular generous supporter of SpinalCure. She came across SpinalCure through our previous Chairman, Bob Turner, who still visits Vera…

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A summary of current electrical stimulation research

An article from Scientific American “Rewiring a Damaged Spinal Cord” discusses research concerning electrical stimulation research including work by Prof Susan Harkema, director of the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center and Prof Grégoire Courtine from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.…

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New system makes clinic-ready stem cell lines

Reported in PLOS ONE, this cell-sorting method consistently selects the highest quality, standardized iPS cells, representing a major step forward for the development of cell therapies. Employing a breakthrough method developed by 2012 Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka, adult cells are…

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