Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cancer drug could be effective in treating SCI

A group of orthopaedic scientists have recently discovered that the administration of microRNA-210 could be an effective treatment for an injured spinal cord by promoting regeneration following injury. Previously, microRNA-210 has been studied as an effective treatment for cancer and…

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Leprosy bug turns adult cells into stem cells

Leprosy bacteria can reprogram cells to revert to a stem-cell-like state, able to mature into different cell types. The scientists stumbled on the discovery while researching the way leprosy spreads around the body. The mechanism of the hijacking is unclear,…

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Etanercept seems beneficial in partial spinal cord injury

Treatment of rabbits with a partial spinal cord injury with the intramuscularly-administered tumor necrosis factor-a inhibitor etanercept is associated with improved clinical and electrophysiological recovery processes, according to research published in the December issue of the European Spine Journal. Read…

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